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How Small and Medium-sized Businesses Can Secure Funding

business funding lending Aug 18, 2023


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented economic downturn, which has sent shockwaves through businesses of all sizes all over the world. As experienced by small to medium-sized companies, access to funding has become increasingly difficult as lending institutions tighten their belts and make it more challenging to access capital. This has become the biggest challenge for businesses to navigate in the current lending crisis, leaving them struggling to sustain their operations and keep their employees employed. However, this doesn't mean there are no options available to steer companies through the uncertainty. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some strategies for companies to secure funding during these trying times and how Coltivar's guidance can help businesses.


1. Transparency and Communication Is of Utmost Importance

One of the most important things you must do to survive the lending crisis is to get in touch with your creditors and be straightforward about your company's state of affairs. Contact whoever holds the financial keys and be truthful about how the economic downturn has impacted your business operations. Remember, honesty is key in this situation because it puts you on the right path to gleaning the proper support and guidance that you and your company need.

2. Explore Alternative Funding Sources

If you're unable to get funding from the traditional lender channels, try exploring alternative funding sources such as government loans or grants, crowdfunding, factoring, or some of the numerous web platforms that fund small businesses. Each of these potential sources of funds would have specific requirements and guidelines, so doing the groundwork would be very helpful in maximizing these funding avenues.

3. Review and Rework Your Business Model

To make your company more financially stable, you may need to change the way you operate or apply more advanced revenue models that work in unique situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. A comprehensive review of your business model could reveal opportunities where you might cut expenses or boost income and help you get through the turmoil.

4. Seek the Guidance of Financial Experts

Navigating the current lending crisis can be tough, and it can be impossible to get everything done alone. Try seeking help from financial experts like Coltivar. We offer expert strategic and financial guidance that can help you navigate your business through challenging economic situations. Coltivar's comprehensive resources support companies from the startup stage and those in fast-paced growth mode, ensuring that the financial and strategy-based foundation of their business is solidified.

5. Approach Lenders with a Well-Conceived Plan

Finally, when all avenues of alternative funding have been exhausted and you have decided to seek funding from lenders, it's vital that you approach them with a well-prepared plan that sets out your strategy, goals, and objectives. With an excellent plan, you stand a better chance of getting approved than those who approach lenders with a lackadaisical approach.

The lending crisis during the pandemic has forced small and medium-sized businesses to adapt to challenging economic conditions. Nevertheless, it is important, now more than ever, to navigate your way through these challenges. There are a few things you can do to keep your company afloat when those lenders have seemingly turned away from your funding requests. These include being transparent and communicating with your creditors, exploring alternative funding sources, reviewing and reworking your business model, seeking guidance from financial experts like Coltivar, and approaching lenders with a carefully considered plan. By implementing these five strategies, companies can increase their chances of not only surviving the economic downturn but maintain long-term financial stability.

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