What We Do

Coltivar Group is a management consulting firm with deep expertise in strategy and corporate finance. We partner with our clients to identify high-value strategic opportunities, build capabilities that result in competitive advantages, and implement new business models for lasting impact. Through our proprietary tools, we empower our clients through our consulting, academies, and peer groups to make their companies more innovative, profitable, and results-oriented.

Who We Are

The Italian word Coltivare translates to “grow through labor and attention.” Steve Coughran founded the company in 2009 with that very intention- to help companies flourish. Through our robust strategy products and services, Coltivar maintains that mission today. Our relentless focus on strengthening the core areas of the business – strategy and finance – drive authentic value creation. We bring thousands of shared experiences and best practices to the table to positively shape our clients’ futures. We embody Coltivare by cultivating relationship with our clients and value in their businesses.


Revolutionizing the Customer Journey: Distinctive Strategy Built on Exceptional Customer Experience

April 2017: The information-fueled market has bestowed unprecedented power to customers. How can companies craft a strategy that ties into buyer mobilization?

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