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Our purpose is to elevate lives through better ways of doing business.

Dear Business Builder,


We get it.

Building a company is hard.

Especially when you’re grappling with the financial side of your business. 

You're stretched thin, working tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly, 

yet there's a glaring void - the absence of a seasoned CFO.

You may wonder if hiring one would be worth it– 

Will they be dedicated? 


Skilled enough to navigate a complex business landscape? 

The reality is, you need help. 

Your CPA or bookkeeper isn't equipped to provide the strategic financial counsel your business needs to thrive. 

You need more than just an accountant or consultant—

You need a strategic financial ally. 

Without this partnership, you might be missing out on significant profits. 

Even worse, you may be heading towards failure. 

That's where we, Coltivar, come in. 

We're not conventional accountants or traditional CFOs. 

We're finance enthusiasts who integrate strategy and finance to build stronger, more profitable businesses. 

Think of us as strategic financial partners - CFOs on steroids (the legal kind, of course). 

We offer a tech-forward operating system that drives results.

We don't just advise; we roll up our sleeves and work alongside you.

No more relying solely on intuition for decision-making. 

With us, you get strategic guidance and business intelligence to build an extraordinary business. 

Ready for a change? 

Welcome to Coltivar. 

Let's set up a call.



Steve Coughran, Founder