Coltivar develops robust strategies to maximize
value creation.

We help management position and structure the firm to capture profitable market share, leverage unique capabilities to strengthen competitive advantage, and adopt analytical expertise to support learning, improve performance, and mitigate risk.

Improve Results

Through business analytics, assessments, interviews and market research we assign a Coltivar Index Score. We then provide training, consultation, and expertise to increase a company’s index score and overall performance.

are you keeping up with change?

The world is changing, globalizing, innovating, and becoming more complex. The strategies of yesterday are failing the companies of today. How will you survive? With the experts at Coltivar Group who challenge conventional wisdom and implement time-tested strategies customized specifically to your business.

why we do what we do

At the Coltivar Group, we identify strong processes so that organizations can employ repeatable steps to create value. We believe that a great business strengthens the people within it and the community where it operates.