thumbSteveSteve Coughran is an entrepreneur and strategic financial expert. He pours his multi-industry experience into his thought leadership, tailoring each speaking engagement to highlight the objectives of the specific event.
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On behalf of the American Society of Landscape Architects, Colorado Chapter, I wish to express our gratitude for your generous participation in the Chapter’s Business Boot Camp.  Your participation was a significant factor in making the session a great success for all participants and me, personally.  I’m sure we will have encouraging feedback from participants who sorely need the kind of information you presented.  As they apply the knowledge they gained from your session, you can be assured that they will be better businessmen because of your presentation.  That was the goal of the program and your efforts will make their success possible.


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Competing on Business Analytics: CFMA / Greensboro, NC / October 2017

Strategic Financial Leadership: AGC California / Indian Wells, CA / October 2017

Winning the War for Talent: Battling the Labor Shortage with a Dynamic HR Strategy: AGC California / Indian Wells, CA / October 2017

What Are Analytics and How Can They Help My Business?: TNLA National Expo 2017 / Dallas, TX / August 2017

Everything You Must Know to Grow Your Business Strategically: TNLA National Expo 2017 / Dallas, TX / August 2017

Marketing to Your Perfect Customer: Southeast Building Conference 2017 / Kissimmee, FL / July 2017

Implementing Technology & Data Solutions to Drive Lean Construction: Southeast Building Conference 2017 / Kissimmee, FL / July 2017

Competing on Business Analytics: Southeast Building Conference 2017 / Kissimmee, FL / July 2017

Strategic Financial Leadership: Redefining How to Maximize Company Value: CFMA National Conference 2017 / Phoenix, AZ / June 2017

Using Predictive Analytics to Enhance Project Execution and Your Bottom Line: CFMA National Conference 2017 / Phoenix, AZ / June 2017

Competing on Business Analytics: CFMA / Webinar / May 2017

Managing Risk Through Adaptive Strategy: Builder’s Association / Chicago, IL / May 2017

Propelling Profitability: Why Predictive Analytics and Strategic Finance Are Paramount: Procore / Webinar / April 2017

Maximizing Profit & Cash Flow:CPS Spring Fling / Denver, CO / March 2017

Emerging Technologies: What You Need to Know to Survive: Technology for the Trades/ Denver, CO / March 2017

Delivering Value Through a Robust Customer Experience: Procore/ Webinar / February 2017

Implementing a Strategy to Maximize Profits & Cash Flow: ProGreen Expo/ Denver, CO / February 2017

Competing on Business Analytics: NASBP/ Webinar / January 2017


Leveraging Effective Leadership: CSSGA/ Colorado Springs, CO / November 2016

Implementing Technology & Data Solutions to Drive Lean Construction: AGC/ St. Louis, MO / November 2016

Leveraging Analytics for Competitive Advantage: CFMA/ Denver, CO / November 2016

Leveraging Effective Leadership: HCC/ Denver, CO / August 2016

Business Valuation: Duke Entrepreneurship Club/ Berlin, Germany / July 2016

Competing on Business Analytics: AGC/ San Antonio, TX / March 2016

Competing on Business Analytics: Pinch a Penny/ Orlando, FL / January 2016


Competing on Business Analytics: Pool, Spa, Patio Expo/ Las Vegas, NV / November 2015


Hot Market Trends in Consulting: University of Denver / Denver, CO / September 2014

Business Boot Camp: American Society of Landscape Architects / Thornton, CO / August 2014

The Science of Running a Successful Business: Colorado State University / Fort Collins, CO / August 2014


Using the Right Software to Produce Accurate & Profitable Estimates: Dallas, TX / August 2013

Developing a Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Englewood, CO / March,  2013



Business Risk and Internal Controls: Denver, CO / February 2011


Adding Value and Increasing Profitability: Pool, Spa, Patio Expo / Las Vegas, NV / November 2010

Sales & Pricing Strategies: Colorado State University / Fort Collins, CO ? April 2010