Strategic Financial Innovation Three-Day Program



The Strategic Financial Innovation course revolutionizes how employees view their roles, helping them to become more analytical, strategic, and future-oriented.

This transformational three-day course immerses employees from the AEC industry in financial strategy. The programs unique structure promotes a holistic learning experience by combining lecture, workshop, mentorship, and activity. The program is a mix of off-site assignments and three two-day retreats:

A. The Strategist: Day 1

Participants will develop a strategic mindset to define how and where to compete, identify and assess strategic options, and perform financial feasibility to forecast outcomes. This session will also focus on fostering situational intelligence and emotional intelligence

B. The Futurist: Day 2

Transform the accounting and financial function to promote lean financial operations and design cost management strategies that maximize value creation

C. The Innovator: Day 3

Apply cutting-edge information to foster an innovation culture that promotes continuous learning and growth. Build strong teams and encourage effective communication.



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