Upcoming Programs

Boosting Your Financial IQ

Learn relevant financial tools and skills to advance your career and immediately improve cash flow and the bottom line.

Leading companies recognize that all employees must have a foundational financial understanding to maximize profitability.  Created for people who are not financial experts, this two day program provides an opportunity for those serving in all functions of the business to sharpen financial skills and progress as organizational leaders. Attendees will learn how to interpret key financial statements, make reliable forecasts, and improve business analysis skills to make smarter decisions that contribute to increased profitability and cash flow.

Business Development & Selling Strategies

Transform the way you attract, retain, and nurture clients.

To attract the right clients and drive greater levels of revenue, winning companies are crafting client-centric sales strategies focused on delivering relevant value to the end user. In this program, participants will use techniques to gain deep insights on buyer behavior, apply business development tools to set a strategic foundation for sales success, and examine the best sales pursuits for long-term, profitable revenue growth. Your organization will benefit from a stronger alignment of strategy and sales efforts, increased engagement of marketing and sales teams, and improved overall financial performance.

Strategic Innovative Leadership

Gain strategic leadership tools for your company's alignment, focus, and implementation success.

This program provides a unique platform for executive professionals to grow as strategic leaders of the future. Through a combination of lectures, study groups, workshops, and entertaining team activities, participants will become skilled in the creation of relevant action items to implement innovation in their current positions. As attendees  deepen their knowledge of business, people, and leadership, they will be equipped to create future-oriented commitments to maximize organizational value.

Leading Your Financial Future

Accelerate your career and increase profitability by becoming the strategic financial leader the market demands.

Leaders at all levels of business are facing diverse financial challenges that impact the cash flow and bottom line of their business. Whether you are leading a business unit, selling a product, formulating strategy, or managing operations you must demonstrate a fundamental level of competence in financial management and value creation. Become equipped with the relevant tools and skills required to integrate strategy and financial decisions and to navigate the diverse financial challenges facing today’s business leaders.

Downloadable Business Tools

KPI Dashboard

Gain a strategic view of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure financial health.

This tool gives managers a strategic view of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure financial health. By simply inputting monthly data into the dashboard, a graphical display is generated that will enhance meetings and boost the interpretation of key financial metrics. Most charts are displayed on a trailing 12-month basis to eliminate seasonality and one-off trends.

Financial Target Calculator

Support strategic forecasting efforts by capturing a bird's-eye-view of the future.

This tool is designed for companies that generate revenue from projects. By entering contract values, start dates, end dates, and estimated gross margins, users will choose a default cash flow curve to forecast future revenue and profits over the next 36 months. Revenue is categorized by in-progress, signed awards, verbal awards, and high-probability pursuits.

Rolling Forecast Template

Establish a rolling financial forecast for your company.

This template provides a starting point for users who are looking to establish a rolling financial forecast for their company. The easy-to-use layout will provide leaders with a financial tool that will integrate with their strategy and measure past performance and future opportunities for improvement.

Rolling Project Forecast with Cash Flow Curve

Be empowered to make sound financial decisions and fulfill profit goals.

This tool is designed for companies that generate revenue from projects. It eliminates much of the guess-work involved with forecasting and will provide factual data and targets on an annual, monthly, or hourly basis. Users will be able to make financial decisions related to revenue, gross margin, throughput, and overhead costs based on profitability goals.